April 30th, 2008

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Weird science

A man who lost part of his finger in an accident has grown it back thanks to pioneering "regenerative medicine" work by researchers in the US

However, this is still pretty cool as well: Dean Kamen's Robotic "Luke" Arm (A little cooler than the Segway...)

There are a lot of 'coulds' in this article, but it's still pretty neat: Real Tricorder Invented (Now where's our damn transporter?? Talk about alternative energy.)

Hey look my computer is now even more obsolete! HP Makes Memory From a Once-Theoretical Circuit
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How do you explain to media-saturated 6 year olds that vampires do not equal bats and werewolves do not equal wolves?

Because I tried, but I think they're still fuzzy on the concept.

Then again, these are the same kids that told me "Little Red Riding Hood" was not a true story... and when I asked them a fact about wolves, the first thing they said was, "They eat grandmas!"