March 16th, 2008

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wankity wank wank wank

I haven't seen a whole lot on my f-list about the latest livejournal wank, so for those not watching I thought I would catch folks up.

On March 12 news posted a We are so great post to commemorate their 100th day since SUP took over.

Unfortunately for LJ, that same day (in that same thread) someone noticed that the option to create a free (basic) account no longer existed (going against the express advice of lj creator brad. Because, you know, he wouldn't know anything about the user base.)

The user base's response to this was an emphatic WTF???!!!

LJ's explanation was that having three account styles (Free, Plus and Paid) was just too darn confusing for new users! And the reason that they didn't officially announce this change was, um, well, hold on... no, we got nothin'.

On March 13 there was another post in news. This one basically said that taking away free accounts was a business decision. But they didn't apologize for being sneaky about it in the first place. Then someone uncovered an interview with SUP blog guy Anton Nosik where he basically says that there was no point in informing the lj user base about the policy change. The huge, gigantic policy change that leaves people opening new accounts with two options: have ads, or pay up.

Then a whole new can of worms was opened: some folks on LJ and IJ discovered that LJ is now censoring the most popular user interests.

Now missing from said list: Sex, Boys, Guys, Girls, Fanfiction, Yaoi, Hardcore, Porn, Bondage, Faeries, Pain, Depression, and Bisexuality.

Now the gay/mental health activist types are absolutely livid. Not to mention the fanfiction writers. And the faeries.

Meanwhile, there has been not a peep from LJ/SUP. Even the crickets are silent.

There is a community ljcensor2008 where you can join to protest all this crap. I don't know that it will actually do anything, but I joined anyway.
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1x12 Fire

I'm skipping 1x11 Eve, even though it's an awesome episode, because I just watched it on TV about a month ago. If I have time in my busy XF-watching schedule, I will go back to it.

This is the Mulder's ex episode, isn't it? I remember fuming shippers...

"What do you think it is?" "Ten to one you can't dance to it."

Phoebe Green = WOOF.

"Mulder, you just keep unfolding like a flower."

"I was merely extending her a professional courtesy." "Is that what you were extending?"

"So, Sherlock, is the game afoot?" "I'm afraid so, Watson."

"I'm cursed with a photographic memory." ORLY?

Hmm, Scully is an ace profiler now, eh?

Mmm Mulder in tux. Nice. Phoebe still = WOOF, though.

Come on, Mulder, face those demons! Inhale some smoke!

LOL I love how the firefighters get him out, get him oxygen and then dump him on the floor. Remind me not to catch fire in Boston. I wonder who got him shirtless and in bed... And BOXERS! Heh.

Geez. Do the English not know how to knock? ... Hold on, apparently Mulder doesn't either.

Phoebe = WOOF + HOR!

You know, I think I read somewhere that DD actually got burned during this episode.

"You can't fight fire with fire!" Ooookay crazy British guy.

"Can I get you anything, sir?" "I'm just dying for a cigarette."


Screen cap 'o adorable patheticness:

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1x13 Beyond the Sea

Scully's dad is General Hammond! And her mom is... Cher? Eek that hair is horrible.

"Good night, Starbuck." *sniff*

"How are you, Dana?" "Dana..."

Luther Boggs! "Mulder, do I detect a hint of skepticism?"

Dude face touch. I had forgotten about that. Rather intimate there, fella. :D

ETA: I made icon!

*hums along to 'Beyond the Sea'* This is why the credits of Finding Nemo always give me the creeps...

Brad Dourif is one crazy-ass dude. One really can't help but be impressed.

I love this. For once it's Mulder who's the skeptic and Scully who 'wants to believe'. Which was the whole point, you know, but it's still cool.

"The Bureau would expect something like that from Spooky Mulder, not Dana Scully."

"Don't go near the white cross."

Poor Mulder. Always getting shot.

"Well I came here to tell you that if he dies because of what you've done, four days from now nobody will stop me from being the one that'll throw the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of a bitch!"

"Dana, after all you've seen, after all the evidence, why can't you believe?" "I'm afraid. I'm afraid to believe."

This episode makes me love Scully so much.

ETA: One more icon --

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1x14 Genderbender

"There's something up there, Mulder." "I've been saying that for years."

"What do you think?" "I think I want to see what's in that cellar." *cringes and waits for them to get caught*

Well that didn't take long.

Heh. Pheromone-drugged Scully. Another perfect PWP opportunity. Except for the puking.

"I know what I saw, Scully. And I saw you about to do the wild thing with some stranger."

Nick Lea!

Dude in underpants!

Steveson! Heheh.

Amish aliens!
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As the Wall Street Journal points out, Bobby Jindal is looking like a very interesting possibility for McCain's running mate. The downside being that he has such little experience as governor. But hey, if Obama's the Dem's guy, who would dare accuse anyone of lack of experience??

Now, I don't know if he's anywhere close to an actual possibility, because I can see McCain getting skittish and being talked into taking on Romney, but Jindal does seem to have a lot going for him (read the OpEd piece linked above for details). The GOP needs someone on the ticket they can get excited about, and it doesn't look like that someone is going to be McCain. Sorry, John.

I hate to say it, but I think with the focus these days on identity politics, it would do McCain a lot of good to pick a running mate who is not a white male. I hate saying that because in my opinion a politician's philosophy and values is a thousand times more important than whatever gender or ethnicity they might be, but I think I'm in the minority there. I've seen plenty of people on livejournal, for example, admit that they're supporting Hillary primarily because she's a woman.

I'm a woman, and that simply does not compute.

See icon.
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