February 15th, 2008

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I got this icon from to_elephantgirl over at sga_beya... I'm usually not much for manips (Kelly and I were discussing this only last night) but this one is just adorable :D It just begs a fic... not even necessarily a smutty one, because you can tell he's still wearing his gear. But if it got smutty later, that would be okay...

I've been catching up on Jericho from the CBS website this last week. I'm up to episode 12. But the lagging of the video stream has finally driven me insane, so I'm, uh, finding other ways to get a hold of the second half of the season. Shh.

We're having a new couch delivered today. Mom is out shopping, my brother had to take his truck down to Les Shwab because he picked up a nail in one of his tires, so I'm hanging around waiting for the La-Z-Boy people to arrive. Then I'm going out to get some pizza at the mall (Sbarro is the best) and then a couple of errands, i.e. some new sheets at Kohl's and possibly a new desk chair at one of the office stores, because my old one has big old arms that don't fit underneath my new desk.

Isn't my life EXCITING?

I had this weird angsty dream last night featuring... Futurama. Yes, an angsty/shippy dream about Fry and Leela. Bwahaha.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Things I Did Today

- Oversaw the delivery of the new sofa (Okay, so I unlocked the door for the movers and signed for the thing)
- Got some gas... would have gotten a car wash but it was broken
- Got new batteries in my five dead watches
- Bought new sheets
- Washed new sheets
- Gave the cat a bath
- Enjoyed SGA

All in all, I believe it was a productive holiday from work.
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