February 7th, 2008

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So the cold that I thought was on it's way out... isn't. I came home from work yesterday with a scratchy throat and woke up this morning with Collapse ). But at least I didn't have to dig through the garbage today.

Speaking of garbage, I'm supposed to meet with the principal today after school about my 'final evaluation'. I'm going in there expecting the worst because every time I've done otherwise I've been badly disappointed. But I'm going to tell her how I feel about it... that I think my class and my partner teacher's class are similar in terms of lessons and behavior and learning, and that I'm expected to live up to a higher standard just because I'm the one that doesn't have tenure, and I've only been teaching this grade for six months and I'm expected to be perfect at it, and that pisses me off. Well, maybe that won't be my exact wording. But you get the idea.

At least Survivor starts today. Oh, and we're getting a new dishwasher. Gotta focus on the positive things.
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