November 25th, 2007

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Just got back from a late late showing of The Mist.

Way creepy, man. I mean, it's Stephen King, but still. I've never actually read anything of his (tried The Stand in honor of Corin Nemec but couldn't get into it) but I could totally see him standing over his computer, rubbing his hands together and cackling "mwahahaha". In a way it kind of reminded me of a couple of Dean Koontz's books (I'm a Koontz freak), particularly Collapse )

I didn't recognize her from the commercials, but Laurie Holden was in this. You know, Krychek's girlfriend Marita from X-Files. And she was very good, too.

On a related note, I love 3 Doors Down. Their music is good, of course, but they get special props for being a part of this National Guard promotion. Watch the music video... it's pretty awesome.

Stop for a moment today
to pray for a soldier.
Remember what they give up
to fight for you and me.
Honor their sacrifice.
Never forget that we live
in the land of the free
because of the brave.