November 11th, 2007

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Nano excerpt

So the writing has been going... erm... well...

Anyway, I found these two characters somewhere, and I haven't decided if I'm going to keep them around, but I sort of want to because they make me laugh.

“Why didn’t Nadim come with you?” he asked Mara as their mounts nimbly picked their way along a deer trail the others didn’t know existed. Whoever arrived first to the wreck would have first choice of what to take, and the anticipation made him feel slightly lightheaded. “Did you tie him to a tree before you left your post?”

Mara gave an inelegant snort. Beneath the midnight sky and the cloaking maples he could make out little more than the glimmer of gold from the braid bound down her back, but he could imagine her expression. “It was hardly necessary,” she said, disdainful. “The fool was in such a state that he could barely get one foot in the stirrup.”

Jof did not understand the circumstances behind Mara and Nadim’s marriage, but it was safe to say that little affection existed between them. “Had he been drinking?” he asked, appreciating the irony.

Her eyes flashed towards him. “He does little else. He even told me that he had seen the ship drop from the heavens into the sea.”

Jof laughed. “A falling star. I like it. Were you lucky enough to see this phenomenon as well?”

“I saw it hit the rocks and lodge against the shore. It doesn’t matter to me if it came from Lanmida or the lands beyond or Micala’s own vest pocket, as long as there are goods in the hold.”

“And what if Nadim was putting you on with his drunkard act and is going through that hold right now?” Such tricks were not unheard of between pairs on lookout, and Nadim would be within his rights, as the company saw it, to keep the choicest items for himself.

The boughs above parted; in the sudden wash of starlight Jof saw Mara shrug and smirk. “I doubt it. I tied him to a tree before I left my post.”
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