November 9th, 2007

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Last night, around 9-10 if I remember correctly, someone came up to the front door. I know this because my dogs, who, being dogs, are hypersensitive about these things, started barking their heads off. Now, they also do that when someone who belongs here comes home, so I wasn't immediately concerned. Until the seconds started ticking by and they kept barking and nobody (it would only have been my brother) put in the code to unlock the door. So I grabbed the phone and crept into the den where the window looks onto our tiny little porch.

The porch light was on and nobody was there. Phfew. I figured my dogs heard someone across the street and overreacted.

Until I went out this morning and found our little metal 'no soliciting' sign had been torn off the side of the house above the doorbell and tossed on the lawn. Which just... creeped me out. I went out and looked around for any other vandalism, especially against my car, but I didn't see anything. Hopefully the dogs - they are gentle as pussy cats, but they bark like monsters - made them rethink... whatever? Unless we're talking about a new gang that has something against no soliciting signs.


Some random headlines before I scoot off to work:

- Winona Ryder has joined the cast of J.J. Abram's upcoming Star Trek as Spock's mom (Bwahaha)
- Colorado city employs a "Holiday Display Task Force" that says 'secular winter symbols only' (Bastards)
- Once again, I heart Joe Lieberman (HUGS)
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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Ok, is anybody else getting really shitty picture quality on SciFi right now?

I want to know whether to blame the morons there or the morons at DirecTV.
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