November 1st, 2007

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Alli's pet peeves

#1 & 2

3. People who do not use their turn signals. They are installed on your car for a reason. Those of us unlucky enough to be driving in your vicinity cannot read your mind. Don't be a moron.

4. The Brinks Home Security commercials. They always show a white guy breaking into people's houses. Now obviously some burglars are white.. but not 100% of them. Brinks is just too afraid to show someone who's black or Hispanic or whatnot *gasp* committing a crime.
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Oh, real quick...

I wanted to post this the other day after the earthquake, but youtube was doing maintenance or something.

For those of you not lucky enough to get the Happy Cow commercials...

Now, time to NaNo!
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I'm at 1,129 words. Now I only have to do that like 50 more times!

*keeps going, cause goal is 2000*

Also, Survivor: bwahaha, take that bitch.