October 28th, 2007

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Alli's pet peeves

I've been meaning to start cataloguing these... well, since Disneyland, at least. But no time like the present, right?

1. People who walk three (or more) across in a public space This is one from Disneyland, but it can apply to movie theaters, supermarkets, or any other busy public place. I will not dash out of the way to avoid you and your oblivious, yapping friends or family. I will run into you. And I have pointy elbows.

2. People who step off a curb without looking both ways. This is something we used to all teach our kids, right? Well apparently people nowadays think that they all have a personal forcefield... or they're counting on their shopping cart/stroller to deflect my car.

By the way... I hate this Ford Escape Hybrid commercial so much. Where the annoying little girl asks to be dropped off a block away because she doesn't want to be seen getting out of an 'SUV'. But then dad tells her that his 'SUV' is a hybrid! Which she could have figured out if she read the chrome thingy on the back of the stupid Escape. And she's like, why didn't you ever talk about it? Like dad just came out of the closet. I hate it. So so so much.
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