September 3rd, 2007

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The blog-gleaned headlines of the day

- Hillary earns coveted 50 Cent endorsement

- Proof found that there is such a thing as karma

- Dr. Silky: You vill go to the doktor and you vill like eet!

- President of crappy country needs to have his ass kicked

- Bush goes to Iraq, lefties seethe

Fry: "Hey, quit it Hermes. It's Labor Day."
Hermes: "Labor Day? That phoney baloney holiday crammed down our throats by fat-cat union gangsters?"
Fry: "That's the one."
Hermes: "Hot damn, a day off!"
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I've been catching up on Heroes, since I sort of got distracted by other shows, and I watched a bunch of episodes last night and several today... and then I ran out! Cause my downloads got slow and stupid! Grr!

So now the last three eps are 17% done. Grr again!

Oh, and I just need to say... Collapse )

ETA: 19%. Yippee.

ETA: 22%.
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