September 2nd, 2007

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I just finished reading Deathly Hallows for the second time.


It was definitely less stressful reading it the second time, cause I wasn't reading it at light-speed. Dad doesn't understand why I read it so fast the first time.

Me: I wanted to find out what happened!

Dad: So just flip to the back and read the end first.

Me: *&*#!^%yamadara$@#!&

So, yeah.

Plus there were some things the first time that didn't completely make sense, mostly having to do with Collapse ), which reminds me, how did Collapse ). But all in all it was very enjoyable, albeit still very, very sad, and I can't wait for JKR to write that encyclopedia she mentioned. Plus the movies -- argh. Please, nice movie people, don't screw up the last two movies!

Oh, and the ship aspect. Bwaha.ha.ha.ha.


Time to update ye old book list.

The books I've read since January 1, 2007

Collapse )

41. The Bartimaeus Trilogy: The Golem's Eye by Jonathon Stroud [x]
42. The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Ptolemy's Gate by Jonathon Stroud [x]
43. The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons [x]
44. The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski [x]
45. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling.

[x] first-time read
[*] unfinished due to lameness
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I've been watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse and I've decided that I have to see Extinction when it comes out if only for the hawt Alice/Carlos (played by Milla Jovovich and Oded Fehr) action.

They were way cute in RE:A (you know, when they weren't battling the undead) and the trailer looks promising for those of us who are, um, complete dorks ship addicts.

I've never played any of the games - I think the last video game I played was either Super Mario Bros or Tetris - but you can't beat RE for cool zombie-killing action.

Mmm, Oded.

(Look, I even tracked down a relevant icon! And they're doing the Athosian head-touch thing! Aww...)
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Enter the frustrated writer.

Since no one is online right now to keep me company/distracted/procrastinating, I'm going to yammer on with no particular direction. It's your own damn fault, people. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been writing much any fanfic lately. Part of the reason is that with SGA on hiatus the muses have had lockjaw. The other part of the reason is that I've been toying with an origific idea for... well... almost a year now, scarily enough, and I don't want to lose the flow of that story by going back to fanfiction. I think that's a pretty good excuse. Unfortunately, it still hasn't been very flowy.

I've come up with the names of my main characters, and more than a few of the supporting cast, and a bit of their history as it pertains to the story. I have set up the opening scenes and how the main characters come together. I have my eye on the ship aspect -- naturally.

Unfortunately, what I still don't know is what this story is actually about. I mean, okay, it's about a sort of backwater culture that has to fight off a more technologically advanced culture because the latter thinks the former has taken over their 'holy land'. Fortunately for the backwater culture (I imagine them as around turn-of-the-20th century) they weren't always so backwater, and also a soldier for the advanced culture has sort of defected to their side.

But that doesn't satisfy me. I want to know what the climactic scene of the story is going to be; of my four protagonists, who will it come down to? Even with what they learn about their ancestors, how does the less advanced culture even put up a fight if the more advanced culture really wants to beat the crap out of them? Is the antagonist really the source of the turmoil or is she just being used by others? Is this story fantasy or science fiction, or both? What is the overarching theme?

I know, as the (potential) author, I'm supposed to be the one answering these questions. But I don't know!

I think I would like to punch someone now. Or at least bounce something off their heads.

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I'm telling you... her part of the dark side has no cookies.

In laying out her four goals, Mrs. Clinton did not announce any major new policy initiatives, though she did say she would unveil her universal health insurance plan in two weeks.

The four goals were largely thematic: “restore America’s standing in the world,” “rebuild America’s middle class and the economy to support it,” “reform our government” and “reclaim the future for our children.”

On the last goal, Mrs. Clinton turned more personal, saying she wanted her presidency to be a means of helping parents raise their children. “I want to be able to say to you as your president, ‘Our children are well,’ ” she said.

I love these goals, peoples. Honest I do.

- Restore America's standing in the world -- by doing what?
- Rebuild the middle class & economy -- last I checked, the middle class and the economy were doing just fine without her
- Reform our government -- yeah, like that's a new one
- Reclaim the future for our children -- WTF?

Like Mom says: What a condescending bitch.

Oh, and I just can't wait to find out what new!HilaryCare entails.
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