July 16th, 2007

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Saw Harry Potter: OotP again today. This time with my cousin. I still loved it. I also loved that, being familiar with the general goings-on, I could pay attention more to the vfx, the music, the direction, etc.

One thing I was wondering, however... and this isn't really a spoiler I don't think cause it's in the book, but it's a little different in the movie so I'll cut it anyway...

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On a related note, I was just talking to my brother about how awesome Alan Rickman is. Anything he's in, doesn't matter if he's a bad guy or a good guy, you either love him or you love to hate him.

ETA: I was looking at my mood icon and I just had to add...

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So I idly decided to look online for a rug for my kindergarten class, so I can tell them to sit on a shape or a number or something. Most of the teachers just use lines of colored tape, but I really liked the idea of a rug like this:

But holy crap they are so frigging expensive!

It's insane. Who do they think can afford $240 for a rug? (The rectangular one in the picture is $200 plus $40 shipping.)
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