May 31st, 2007

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Seriously, WTF is wrong with people

Some lesbian woman here in California is suing eHarmony because it doesn't let females search for females or males for males. So obviously that means it is discriminating against gays. And according to the twit's lawyer, "you can't have a website that says 'no gays allowed'."

Um, unless eHarmony is getting federal funding... why the hell not? It's called freedom of association, last I checked.

In any case, eHarmony doesn't disallow gays to go the site. They can go to it all they want. But it would be kind of silly for them to send them their money when this particular website is not catering to their interests.

There are plenty that do. You get about 4.5 million hits on Google for "gay online dating".

I would just about kill to find a lawyer who would take this case -- I want to sue because I went there to find a heterosexual man to date and there WEREN'T ANY.

Because it's a site for gay people.

Just like eHarmony is a site for hetero people.

Frigging idiots.
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