April 6th, 2007

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News and blogs round-up

From Frank at IMAO: "Just so you know, the Democrats have declared the Global War on Terror to be over, and they want you to know that we totally won."

Evan makes an observation: Being "homophobic"? It's only discrimination if the U.S. does it.

Via Michelle Malkin: Is this covered by the warranty? Well, it's Apple, so I'm thinking no.

So instead of the booby hatch, it's the baby hatch? A Japanese hospital said Thursday it would set up a hatch into which unwanted infants can be anonymously dropped. Lee predicts that the Japanese hatch will be "twice as small, cost half as much, and accept four times more unwanted infants than inferior American baby hatches."
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Is it bad that I am terribly, terribly amused by this?

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Okay, maybe amused is the wrong word. I'm really just kind of disgusted with the whole lot of em.
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The seventh season of Road to Avonlea is out on dvd. Finally.

Quick! Somebody hide my wallet!

(It's really not a question of money as much as it's a question of time. If I get that box set I will be compelled to either start rewatching the series from season one and/or I will be sucked back into the vortex of Felicity/Gus (and Stuart, oy vey!), Felix/Izzy, Olivia/Jasper... even Hetty/Simon... waaaah!)

P.S. It's bad enough I've been rereading Anne of Green Gables. When I start listening to the Anne and Gilbert soundtrack again you'll know it's terminal.
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