February 2nd, 2007

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Meet the pup!

There is a new four-legged critter at my house.

Yes, that makes six in total. Four cats and, now, two dogs.

This is Pheobe. We're keeping her shelter name, since she responds to it. Kinda amusing that now we have a Piper (one of my kitties) and a Pheobe.

Anybody want to take a guess at her, ah, ancestry?

ETA: A few more pics: here and here.
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A thought about "Vengeance"

I really liked this episode, by the way... I just can't be bothered metaing on it right now.


I'm probably taking waaaay too much pleasure from Collapse ), aren't I?

*hugs self*

Yes, I do believe that I am.

Oh well.

ETA: *sulky polks at seldear*
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