November 6th, 2006

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Blog funny from Frank J.

D-hour is coming tomorrow, and, while people are talking about momentum now favoring Republicans, the Democrats are going to have to suck extra super bad to not at least get the House. So, what then?

First off, while having the Democrats back in charge of something will suck, we're a strong county and we've dealt with plenty worse. It's important to note that we spent pretty much the entire Cold War with a Democrat controlled Congress, and, while Democrats now merely sympathize with the po' wittle terrorists, back then they actually loved Communism. They still do. Yet, we won the Cold War, because we're just that awesome.

Think of the Democrats as a handicap. America is so glorious and powerful and that our dealings with other nations would be way too easy if we didn't at least have some handicap to make things harder. Thus we got the Democrats, and, without their dead weight, international affairs would be simple and boring.

So, how do we win with the Democrats trying to hold us back? That's where strategery comes into play. Now, terrorists will see a Democrat victory as evidence they successfully intimidated. Fine. If they think we're retreating, maybe they'll let their guard down a little. They might even dance in the street in celebration. Then we spray them with acid... or whatever it is we usually do with dancing crowds of terrorists.