October 8th, 2006

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I've been so lazy when it comes to updating LJ lately. I blame seldear. Just because.

The visit: having a lot of fun, although I haven't done this much driving around in eons. It's been great seeing everybody! Makes me realize just how lucky I am to live relatively close to so many HW & friends.

BSG: I wasn't terribly impressed with the opener, but I guess it's all stuff they had to get out of the way. The allegory of 'insurgents' and 'suicide bombers' and the like was a little like getting hit over the head with a brick - one of sjhw_tolerance's, perhaps - and I've come to expect more from them. The Kara segments were kinda boring. Yet I have hope that it will get better.

Other new shows: The only new drama I've been watching is Heroes, which is interesting, and as long as it doesn't become too Lostish I'll continue to tune in. I have to say that I'm rooting for it because it's kind of the underdog... it's genre - the critics have been calling it a "comicbook drama" - there are no big names to speak of, and the promotion for it was done with a measure of class. Unlike the puke-inducing hype over Studio 60. Speaking of...

"Studio 60" has now lost a sizable chunk of its premiere audience after just three weeks, dipping 32% from its launch. On the flip side, "Heroes" (5.5 rating/13 share in adults 18-49,12.96 million viewers overall) declined just 7% from its strong series premiere to beat its broadcast rivals in most demos, according to Nielsen [...]

"The dipping numbers for "Studio 60" put NBC in a tough spot. Drama has quickly become the highest-indexing show among upscale viewers on TV. But if the ratings continue to dip, its desirable demos may not make up for those smaller overall numbers. And there's no obvious alternative timeslot for "Studio 60," at least immediately.

""Studio 60" has now been hit with double-digit declines for two weeks in a row, posting a 3.4 rating/9 share in adults 18-49 on Monday. That's down 19% from last week (4.2/11).

No, I'm not a Sorkin fan ;)

Let's see... thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes! sjhw_tolerance: Thanks for the Pogs! Mwahaha.

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