October 2nd, 2006

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Informative video on YouTube

Not going to embed, but here's the link:


Basically it's about Palestinian propaganda, how they stage these 'attacks' from the Israelis and then make sure it all ends up on your television, taken out of context and made to look like legitimate fighting. When you actually look at the raw footage, rather than the scattered clips you see on most news shows, it's pretty astonishing.
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Two questions

And a complaint: ugh, my neighbor's freaking dog will not stop barking. I want to shoot it. And I'm not usually that kind of person.

1. Where can I buy postage? I mean, other than at the post office. I hate the post office.

2. Also, any ideas where I could find a cheap, basic bar stool? I want somewhere to perch when I'm lecturing. ;)
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