September 22nd, 2006

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Nasty accident here in Oakley

Officer Critically Hurt in East Bay Crash

I'm not quite sure why they're referring to him as a CHP officer, because as far as I know Oakley PD/Contra Costa Sheriff's Dept is a totally different animal. But this is the media we're talking about, so you never know.

I drive past that intersection twice a day on my way to and from work. Unless the officer pulled out directly in front of the truck, there's no reason that the driver of the truck shouldn't have been able to see him.

Dad was on this call, so I'm hoping he'll have more information when he comes home today.
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I don't like coming home and there being no one in the house. Not that I don't like having some quiet Alli-only time. But my parents should leave a note or something.

Yeah, I have issues.

Ooh and I could really go for a Cinnabon.

It has been insanely windy all day. (They wouldn't even let the kids do PE because there was sand blowing all over the place (Oakley is build on top of a giant anthill, hence, lots of sand)). Karl Rove must be experimenting with his Nego-killing weather machine again!

One of my 'challenging' students forgot to take his progress report home. I'm assuming he actually forgot and didn't just quote-unquote-forget. His house was on my way home, sorta, so I dropped it by. I hope his mom didn't find that creepy.

Hmm, Max seems to think there's someone outside. Maybe it's my folks.
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