September 21st, 2006

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Political stuff

Politics are funny!

From IMAO: No more foreign leaders!

Seeing Hugo Chavez and Ama-dibba-dobble-dooble on TV all the time has made me realize one truth: Foreign leaders are a nuisance that must end.

Foreign leaders smell, talk in funny languages, and get in America's way. They contribute nothing and should be done away with. We should all sign a petition urging our government to end the practice of there being foreign leaders.

Or, alternatively, it could be required that the guy who translates thuggish foreign leaders speeches live for TV be a flaming homosexual, because that would be funny.

"Iran is super! Thanks for asking! And I'd just like to add, I think suicide bombers are fab-u-lous!"

Just throwing some ideas out there.

From BlameBush!: You Go, Hugo!

He called Bush the "devil". He denounced the U.S. imperialist regime and railed against the CIA’s covert plot to supplant him. Then, after Sean Penn was finished speaking, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had a few choice words for Bush as well.

What a breath of fresh air! What a treat it was to finally see someone stand up to the Bush junta and its imperialist masters who think they can pile huge sums of cash onto Third World countries and get something in return. Granted everything he said has been said before by a Democrat leader or progressive celebrity, but never so passionately and unapologetically blunt. What courage it took for Chavez to come here and voice his patriotic dissent against the government, when you can be imprisoned or shot as an Enemy of the People for doing the same thing in Venezuela. And you'd deserve it to,you CIA stooge!

The Right-Wing Noise Makers will probably dismiss his entire speech as the ranting of a megalomaniacal lunatic with googly eyes and delusions of grandeur, but the veracity of every word out of Chavez’s mouth is confirmed in Chomsky’s brilliant book.Need I remind my readers that not only is Noam Chomsky a superhuman sexmachine, but he also possesses godlike intelligence. He's a tenured Professym at MIT, has made a fortune penning lucrative books slamming the evils of capitalism, and he gives long, turgid lectures that any self-respecting intellectual would be afraid to admit they don't understand. He's brilliant! BRILLIANT! Brilliant people never lie, and there’s no such thing as an intelligent lunatic. I’m living proof of that.