August 29th, 2006

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Fugitive Polygamist Sect Leader Arrested in Las Vegas

In other news, I called in sick to work today -- my first paid sick day, ever. My throat was scratchy and my ears plugged up yesterday, and it only got worse overnight. I woke up around 6:05, and you have to call into the automated absence system by 6:15, so I had to make a quick decision. Of course, I still had to go in quick-like to drop off sub plans and make some copies, but I was out of there and back in bed by about 7:30. Slept til around 11:00, been drinking lots of fluids, and mom is making me chicken soup for dinner. I don't have a fever, so I think it's just a cold -- which in a way sucks because I can't just go hit up the doc for some antibiotics to make it all better. I have to get better the old-fashioned way. Come on, immune system, get with it!
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