May 29th, 2006

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I'm famous!

Well, okay, no. But my dad was on the local news last night, and the video is online if you're bored interested bored.

Here's the linky. Scroll down to Emergency Medical Help on the Delta.

It's not really a "water ambulance" or a "floating ambulance" or anything stupid like that; an ambulance is a vehicle that transports people to the hospital. But it's a sheriff's's boat that has a paramedic on it, so whatever ;)
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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I've been watching Washington the Warrior on the History Channel and it's really interesting. Good portrayals and reenactments, a non-annoying narrator person, although I would have liked a little more working it by the actors. But that's just me ;)

Catch it if you get the chance.
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