February 25th, 2006

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So it's Saturday and I'm already up, and blast the person who thought that having a career fair start at 8-frickin-am was a good idea. Blast them!

On the upside, I woke up all giggly because I had Shep/Teyla babyfic dreams. Hee. seldear, I think you better post your next fic tennis fic before I totally lose the inclination to write this kind of stuff *g*

Dad moved our old entertainment center and found a green toy mouse, one of the first we got the girls, and Abby is in her happy place. She's been walking around with it in her mouth, keeping it 'safe' in her water bowl, etc. Cute!

Okay, I need to get moving. No way anyone is going to want to hire me if they have to see me without makeup. Especially this damn early in the morning.