October 31st, 2005

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*smushes Joe*

(I would smooch, rather than smush, but the man's married. A smush is like a totally non-romantic expression of wuv that is otherwise quite similiar to a smooch.)

Personally, all the crap this last week about Amanda and Sam and SG1 and Atlantis and "oh, she should just take another job because these guys don't appreciate her"... it's starting to grate. Lest we forget, people, the television industry is an industry, a business, and when does a business ever do things as quickly and kindly and efficiently as we would like them to? The answer: about 1% more often than the government does.

I haven't been as focused on SG1 S9 as past seasons, but I attribute that to the fact that I can really only obsess about one show at a time. Right now that show is Atlantis, because it's such a wonderfully blank slate compared to SG1, and also because I have to do what the muse says or she'll go back to Australia.

Also -- it's only 11pm? WTF? I am soooo tired right now. Stupid time change.
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