October 20th, 2005

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It's almost midnight. I've eaten a brownie and a piece of See's candy. At this rate:

1) I'll be awake until about 3am; and

2) I'll never be able to fit in my little nurse costume.

Speaking of which, I tried it on tonight and showed my dad, because mom was already in bed.
Me: Lookie!

Dad: That looks awfully short.

Me: That's kind of the idea.

Dad: grumblegrumble.

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I'm hyper.

So the master list for the mckayweir ficathon is right here. I know some people are kind of weirded out by the pairing (which, I have to admit, is part of its perverse appeal), but if it will convince anyone to take a look I will say that everything I've read thus far has been friendship-based, with maybe a squidge of UST. In other words, good clean fun. Honestly, at this point in the show I couldn't see anything more serious than that being remotely plausible.

And thinking about this made me start thinking about Atlantis pairings in general. I apologize in advance, and I've tried to put the worst tangents behind cuts.

I held off for most of the first season from getting very attached to this show, for some reason or another, but I feel now that I'm making up for lost time. Collapse )

Hmm. That last bit just sounds wrong.

Collapse )

But with Atlantis... I finally started seeing the possibilities. That a show can be scifi (because I know there's someone out there reading this and wondering if I even think about stuff like plot, and it's possibly yamadara or chiroho) and be about people at the same time and not be necessarily about those people shacking up.

Of course, that's very quickly taken care of in fanfic.

So just some random pairing thoughts.

Sheppard/Teyla - this is my first inclination, maybe just because he's hot and she's pretty, and matching up hot/pretty is fun, or because of their flirty bit in "Rising", or because I get a kick out of matching a big shot pilot up with a girl who can kick his ass, or because she's alien without sacrificing her kindness and humanity while he's so an Earthman and yet is somewhat emotionally distant and that's an interesting dichotomy.

Collapse )

McKay/Weir - this pairing is all about the geek love. People seem to like matching up the brains and the brawn (see: Jack/Daniel) probably because they're brains also and it makes them happy to imagine winding up with the resident hottie. I think it's more fun to toss the two brains together and watch them bounce around.

Hee! Bouncing brains!

I probably have a more unflattering perception of Elizabeth than a lot of people. She's a good character. She shows character. She's tenacious and clever. However, she's not the ravishing heroine. If Atlantis has a ravishing heroine, it's Sheppard. Collapse ) Then you have Rodney, who's the scientist's scientist, totally confident in his cognitive abilities and totally not confident in anything else, including his bodily functions and the mental capacity of most people around him, always trying to show other people up but probably only because his mommy and daddy never gave him enough love when he was a wee little Canuck. He's annoying, but then again Elizabeth can be annoying too, so it's a nice fit.

Again, this isn't a friendship that's likely to become physical any time soon, which is good because even though I like playing with the pairing in a friendship-bordering-on-puppylove way the idea of LizzieRodneyHotSex kind of makes me queasy, but again, it's that playing on the borderline that's fun.

Wow, this is a long post. I have more thoughts, but I think I'll shut up for the time being, before somebody calls the nice men in the white jackets.

Peace out!
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The San Diego Union-Tribune: A city about to change colors
The Rev. Jesse Jackson and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin are up in arms because what has historically been a mostly black city may be on its way to becoming a largely brown city. Latino immigrants are coming to New Orleans from as far away as California to repair homes, clear debris, rebuild roads and do other jobs. According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, they're making about $15 per hour, and they've been so warmly received by contractors that many of them say they plan to stay, save money, buy homes, and put down roots in the Big Easy.

Before Katrina, New Orleans was only about 3 percent Latino. Now, demographers say the city's Latino population could swell to four or five times that amount.

That comes as a bolt of bad news for black leaders nostalgic for a city and a culture that for all practical purposes no longer exists. Ironically, a lot of what's being said by these folks resembles what white nativists say in the immigration debate.

Nagin told reporters that his new worry is how he is going to "ensure that New Orleans is not overrun by Mexican workers."

Oh, that's nice.


Read the whole thing.
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A glimpse into the Saddam trial:

"They agitated me into invading Kuwait," Saddam said mournfully, "All I really wanted was a basket full of kittens, but the mean Americans couldn't let me be a dictator in peace!"

"If you're going to interrupt, Saddam," the judge warned, "then I'm going to let someone from the other side interrupt for balance." He pointed to Dubya.

Dubya sprung to his feet and held his wooden chair in the air. "You're a bad man, and I'm going to beat you to death with this chair!"

The judge blew his air horn again. "There will be no chair fights in my courtroom! If you are going to beat Saddam to death, you take it outside!"


Now, if anyone asks me if this is real or mockery, I'm going to blow that airhorn into their ear :D
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