October 14th, 2005

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Alli's big day!

Okay, moderately big :) It was my belated birthday party... party in the sense that my dad and mom and brother and aunt and uncle and cousin and 'step'-cousin and his wife were there, and we had dinner and ate cake and I opened presents!

Well, actually, the day started out with dad and I going to see Serenity.

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Now, for the presents!

I was a total dork and actually took pictures.

From my brother: the cat owner's manual. Basically, it's a book about cats written as though it's an instruction manual. I'm going to have to scan some pages for icons, because it's freakin' hilarious.

From my mom and dad: a new purse and wallet, bubble bath, a watch, and a cute little crochetted sweater.

From step-cousin and wifey (they're my age): another knit/crochetted sweater.

From my cousin Shelbs: this cute little pillow, which Abby finds comfortable.

From my aunt and uncle: beaded earings and bracelet, a Giants top, a nightie shirt (which I'm wearing now), an electric toothbrush, and another crochetted sweater (I'm really into them right now, if you couldn't tell). She got me another crochetted piece, longer and more hole-y, if that makes any sense, but it was too small :( So she's going to look online for a replacement. And it sucks, because it was sooo cute.

Altogether, though, I had a fab time -- the cake was yum, I think everyone had a nice time, and it was worth the wait *g*
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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I just brushed my teeth with my new electric toofbrush and it still feels like my mouth is vibrating.

Also -- Amy Acker as a baddie on Alias! I love it!

UPDATE: In more icky news, I've signed up to take the RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment, which I need before the state can issue me a credential). $140 -- nasty. I'm going to be taking it some time on December 3rd in the Sac area... so pandora_576, you think I could stay with you the night of the 2nd? *looks hopeful*
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