September 13th, 2005

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Biden is such a total JACKASS. It's really astounding.

I heart John Roberts. Of course I would heart him more if he would punch Biden in the face! Bwahahaha!
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

A very good point from Drumwaster (

I hate to point this out...

But for those on the left and the right who are complaining about the principle of stare decisis as regards Roe v. Wade, I would ask how well established the precedent of Plessy v. Ferguson was.

The doctrine of “separate but equal” in that case was upheld by the Supreme Court in a 7-1 majority, and it was not until 58 years later than the Supreme Court reversed itself with a unanimous 9-0 decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

Longevity does not guarantee a good decision. Neither does precedent. Democrats may be in for a harsh lesson or three.

Well duh. No offense to Drum, but I've been saying this since I understood what Roe was.