September 10th, 2005

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The man who invented 5am is a fool!

Up early so I can drive an hour-plus to Manteca again to take another test. Hopefully, this will be the last one... in Manteca. I hear the next one is in either San Jose or Sacramento, so Lola? Might be crashing at your place that weekend :D

No idea when I'll be back. Test officially starts 8ish and we have up to 5 hours to complete. Subtest I took me about an hour and a half, IIRC, and this time I'm taking II and III.

I do have Conversion thoughts, and not just wackadoodlecrazysquee thoughts, but I'll wait til I get back home to get into that because I would like to do the episode justice. Also because right now I'm still laughing.

Also, my cat (Abby) is putting her paw in her water bowl, and then licking water off her paw. Weirdo.

*wants to use her Conversion icon but sighs and decides against it. Later*
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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First batch of SGA Conversion icons/bases. Feel free to make changes... but I would love a refer back to my journal :)

UPDATE: Okay, now it's not just the first batch... continuously updating.

UPDATE 2: Done for the night. Perhaps more tomorrow. I seem to recall other people being in this ep.

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