September 5th, 2005

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I dreamed about Harry Potter last night, which is strange because I haven't been reading the books or watching the movies or doing anything else vaguely HarryPotterish lately. More than anything I'm absorbed with my 500-a-day Atlantis story, looking forward to Friday's episodes (especially Atlantis, because I'm an angst whore) and generally bouncy about seeing an Alias season 5 commercial a few days ago (also because I'm an angst whore and because, for ill or good, I heart Vaughn). I've also been reading Jacqueline Carey's Banewreaker, which is nowhere near as good as the Kushiel books - too much labor on getting across the theme of the book, I think, and so the plot itself suffers - but it's the first (non-HP) fantasy book I didn't put down as soon as I came across the first dragon. I have an anti-dragon bias.

Anyway. This dream was loosely GoF-related, and sometimes it seemed that I was watching the movie, and sometimes it seemed that I was taking part in the story itself. FauxMoody was there, and Draco (who actually turned nice at the end) but most of the focus seemed to be on Ron thinking that Harry and Hermione were going out, and being really sulky about it, until Harry told them that they weren't and convinced him to that this relationship quiz he found in a magazine. Krum was there too, only he didn't have an accent and seemed rather pleasant, and I remember seeing something that made me think "Oh Lord, the slashers are going to love that".

Oh, and speaking of Jacqueline and Kushiel... she's posted a synopsis of Kushiel's Scion, which - suckage - isn't going to be out til June 2006. Grr.

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Today's word count: 502.

Heheh. Just squeaked by.


Dear self-righteous bitches who shop at Kohl's,

Go to hell.



I think the next time I want/need to pick a new domain name, it should be
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