September 3rd, 2005

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I had a dream last night that I was at work, and went on my lunch break, and forgot to come back for about five hours. I was really really embarassed. Oh. And anr was there too, and we were throwing french fries at each other because I was making fun of Weir. Heheheh.

320 words so far today. The flow of the story seems choppy right now, and I'm such a perfectionist that I want to go back and tweak... but I think the best thing I can do right now is get it all out in some form, and then go back and smooth it out later.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


645 words today. I would write more, but it was a long night at work and I have to be back there at noon tomorrow. Which seems way too close for comfort.

Giants are in second place! Yea baby!
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