September 2nd, 2005

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Okay, I was talking about this in my previous post, but I decided to give it it's own, because it's late and therefore everything is funny.
{Vish 2:32:48 AM} Please complete the following
Click start,
Click Run,here type in Winmsd and click ok.
In the new window ,let me know what you see in the row,next to bios version /date
{ 2:32:53 AM} ok
{ 2:33:38 AM} 2/12/2004
{Vish 2:34:03 AM} It would says A08 or A09.
{Vish 2:34:11 AM} Please let me know what it says?
{ 2:34:55 AM} before the date it says Dell Inc. A01
{Vish 2:35:21 AM} Okay.Please give me a moment.


Guy is probably thinking 01? what the hell?
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Very sad.

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Hearing about this stuff on the news made me sick. The looting, the bathroom rapes, the people shooting at police, or boats coming in to take refugees aboads, the general chaos and anarchy... we're supposed to be better than this. And I have to believe that most people are, that it's only certain segments of the population that are behind most of this... although that probably makes me a bigot.
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New Atlantis vid!

Title: Shep Shep and More Shep
Author: Me
Spoilers: Through Condemned, I suppose
Warning: This video contains a whole lot of Shep
Size: Biggish
Me: In a hurry to get to work on time
You: Enjoy, and leave feedback!

Link (Note: As of posting, this file was still uploading. Give it a few minutes to finish.)
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