July 31st, 2005

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England: Farmer arrested over travellers

At the BBC, insurgent is used instead of "terrorist", and traveller is used instead of "smelly, homeless hippie morons"
A Devon farmer has been arrested for trying to move travellers who camped on his land.

The audacity!
About 20 moved onto land belonging to Phil Walters at Broadclyst, near Exeter, damaging a field of organic grass worth thousands of pounds.

Organic grass? As opposed to the plastic kind you use in Easter baskets? Or are we talking about "grass"? Anyway.
Mr Walters was arrested on Thursday after moving a mechanical hay bale lifter onto the field

Obviously the UK needs a strict ban on the deadly machines.
but the travellers said they felt threatened...

That phrase doesn't make any sense. Copy editor!
The group said the gate was open when it arrived at the field on Wishford Farm but Mr Walters maintained it was locked...

Well hell, if the DOOR TO MY PROPERTY IS OPEN, that's obviously an unwritten invitation to COME ON IN!
When it was pointed out [to the smelly homeless hippie moron] that he was on land belonging to Mr Walters, Mr Lee said: "But I am in my caravan. If I come out of my door I know I am on his property, but it's my home."


"Mother Nature, man, she gave me, like, a magical bubble that keeps my wheels, like, from touching his property."

Newsflash, dumbass -- you're a squatter.
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