July 26th, 2005

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Judge accused of... conservativism

*dun dun DUN!*

The association of John G. Roberts with a staunchly right-wing legal group is at issue

WASHINGTON -- The first hiccup in the carefully crafted rollout of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts emerged yesterday over whether he ever joined an obscure Washington-based legal society - one where members often are known for strongly held conservative views.

*breath catches in throat*

Not... not... strongly held conservative views? Dubya, say it ain't so! For the love of God, I thought you were going to pick a uniter, not a divider!

Membership in the Federalist Society would almost indisputably label a lawyer conservative, as the group's founding mission in 1982 was to combat what it viewed as creeping liberal activism in the nation's courts.

*sobs wildly*
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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This song I've been looking for forever (Buy a Dog by Luce) is available for download at iTunes, but not Napster.

That is so wrong.
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