July 25th, 2005

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Some people never learn

Jane Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour

What smells worse? A monkey or a hippie?

"Hm... this is a very tough question. On one hand you have this big hairy thing with a small brain that throws poo whenever it gets angry. And on the other hand you have a monkey. Hm... tough choice. In this case I'm going to go ahead and say that the hippie smells better, but the monkey has better manners."
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Pointless non-fandom/politic post

I've finished rereading Goblet of Fire and have moved on to rereading Order of the Phoenix. I'm enjoying it more this time than previously, maybe because I know that Harry will eventually get out of his fifth-year funk and also because it's interesting to look back on the events in this book knowing what transpires in Half-Blood Prince. I think it's starting to effect me, though... earlier today I referred to someone as a "git", and the further I get into the book the grumpier I become. I've been kind of snappish all day, except for when I was drinking margaritas, and none of my 700+ mp3s are really doing it for me.

On the other hand, I bought an interesting-looking movie - Trapped with Kevin Bacon - on half.com for about $5. I saw part of it when I worked at the movie theater back in... 2002, was it? Anyway, if anyone's seen it, don't tell me anything -- I don't want my opinions influenced ;)

I posted some more of my Justice League story, Redux, last night, and I even wrote a little bit more of it. Yay me.

Oh yeah... new icon by kc_anathema
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Giving purple a shot now. Can anyone remind me how to change the width/margins of my components so they fit underneath my banner (and perhaps increase the gap between the top of the page and the top of my banner? Just by a few pixels)?
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