June 27th, 2005

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*head scratch*

Wow, I just downloaded the most recent Semagic client and... it's a lot different than the last version I downloaded. Like... wow. I don't even know what to do with all this stuff.

Just a sec whilst I explore.

Wow. Impressive.

Anyway. There appears to be some things I need to say.

1 -- the system reinstall went perfectly, with some help from my brother. Yes, he helped! And as a thank you I bought him a shirt. Let no one say that I am not a good big sister.

2 -- the Justice League episode, Epilogue? Yup. Still weird.

3 -- dudes, do people actually think that Liberal Larry (last quoted here) is an actual person? Because he's written by an actual person, yes, but... dudes, just look at his bio page. Oy.

(The add link function? So totally cool.)

Tonight I said A Few Good Men for the first time all the way through. Because it's got to be a law of the universe that it's always at the "you can't handle the truth!" scene when you come across it on TV, and that's always missing the proper context. Best part has to be how Danny goes all pale and sweaty when he thinks that Jessup's going to make him look like an ass. And speaking of Tom Cruise, have you seen him kill Oprah? I always had the feeling he wasn't quite right.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


Yay, I have the WMP9 blogging plugin!

My quality of my life has just improved a thousand-fold!
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

I just can't stop posting

Results of the Discovery Channel's "Greatest American" thingymajig.

I actually think everyone who made the top 5 was deserving. 6 and 7 -- depends on your politics. Everything after that... some deserve it more than others, IMO, but when you're dealing with a moniker as vague as "greatest American" then you're going to have folks from all over the place. And I'm sure the folks who supported each person on that list had their own genuine reasons for doing so. Except for Oprah. That's just wrong.
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