June 13th, 2005

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From Free Will (http://www.freewillblog.com): Return of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate yesterday blamed "the right wing" and elements of the press "in service to it" for repeating Howard Dean's remarks about Republicans and inflating them out of proportion.

"I think we all understand what's happening with you all," said Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin, in remarks echoing Hillary Rodham Clinton's blaming a "vast right-wing conspiracy" for her husband's legal-ethical woes.

"The right wing has got the agenda moving. Fox [News Channel] and everybody's got the agenda. It's all about Howard Dean. You've bought into it," Mr. Durbin said.

Aaron: ""Bought into it"? Does Dean say these crazy, potentially drug-induced things or not? Did Dean or did Dean not drone on about the Soviet Union in the present tense? Did he or did he not say that abortions don't involve live fetuses? Did he or did he not say that Republicans are "evil" "white Christians" who all "behave the same" and "look the same", "corrupt", "brain-dead", "liars" who "have never made an honest living in their lives", who "are all about suppressing votes" and a "dark, dishonest vision" for America, yet simultaneously claims "we're not going to stoop to the kind of divisiveness the Republicans are doing"? Did Dean or did Dean not publicly suggest the "Bush Knew" conspiracy theory?

Ladies and gentleman, the Senior Senator From Illinois (TM), Dick Durbin. He's lodged in there too deep to be removed without major surgery."
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