June 12th, 2005

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This is hystercial

So I'm not especially a big fan of the band Nickleback, but I have downloaded their two big hits "Someday" and "This is How You Remind Me" because they're both catchy songs.

Almost identically catchy.

Almost identically.

Listen to this. With headphones, if you can, to get the full effect.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

SG1 fic

Title: Looking for Eden
From: Revelation II
Rated: PG13 for mild language

A very long time ago, when the human race was even younger than it is now (although such a thing hardly seems possible), tribes and clans and little nomadic herds crossed the plains, scaled the mountains and spread out across the untouched Earth. They were looking for food, they were looking for nice weather, they were looking for a place they could call home. They were wanderers; they had a purpose, they just didn't know it yet.

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