June 2nd, 2005

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My Alias season 1 box set arrived today! As the seller described, it's kind of weird -- Chinese writing, and opens from the left instead of the right -- but it's region one and works spiffily even in my dad's ancient dvd player. Won't work in my computer for some reason, but that's no biggie.

So, seldear, I'm all set for August. *g*

Season one -- eee! I'm excited to watch.

And while I'm here... how in the heck did it get to be June already? That's just so wrong.
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From IMAO (http://imao.us):

This just cracked me up; I had to post it in its entirity. Didn't write it, though. Frank J. did. He rocks.

Amnesty International, apparently not finding any innocent people being oppressed worth complaining about, called the terrorist holding facility at Guantanamo Bay a "gulag." This angered both Cheney and Rumsfeld who met with Amnesty International personally to express their disagreement.

There were no survivors.

Though both Guantanamo and gulag start with a 'g', there are in fact numerous differences between the Soviet prison camps and our detention of terrorists. Actually, there are apparently ten differences, so...


10. Beatings at Gitmo are done as felt necessary, instead of following strict Soviet beating schedule.

9. Fancy new Korans for all Gitmo detainees, while nearly no free Korans under Stalin.

8. Gulag inmates were exploited to help the Soviet economy, while we can't even get wallets out of Gitmo detainees.

7. Gulag's had a high fatality rate, while Gitmo detainees don't die until we're done with them.

6. Sibera was not a hot spot for Canadian tourists.

5. Gitmo detainees are allowed to pray towards Mecca five times a day, while Gulag inmates were forced to bow down towards Stalin's mustache five times a day.

4. Many people were placed in gulag's simply for their political views, while many were put in Gitmo because they wouldn't stop shooting at us, gosh darnit.

3. Gulag is an abbreviation for Russian for "The Chief Directorate of Corrective Labor Camps" while Guantanamo is simply Spanish for "hell-hole."

2. While neither the inmates of the gulag or the Gitmo detainees bathe, the Gitmo detainees do have the option.

And the number one difference between Gitmo and a gulag...

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Woo... the Minuteman Project is organzing a California Border Watch to commence on August 1, "for an indefinite time". Awesome :)

The MinuteMan Project seeks volunteers to continue bringing national awareness to the illegal alien invasion crisis imperiling the United States.

Operation Spotlight will be directed at the deliberate neglect of immigration and tax law enforcement by America's elected and appointed public officials and other persons and businesses who routinely violate these laws. It will also focus on the one-half TRILLION dollar annual tax evasion that accompanies these illegal activities, which deficit is unfairly passed on to American citizen taxpayers.

Volunteers for this effort will be recruited from the public pool of former investigators and prosecuting attorneys from the Criminal Investigation Divisions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), other law enforcement organizations, and from the private legal sector.

I totally cheer these guys on. I only wish I lived closer to the border so that I could do something physically.
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