April 20th, 2005

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So I'm catching up on my friends list because I didn't get online after I got home from work yesterday. I had a headache and was just plain pooped. I barely stayed awake for Blind Justice. So I had several pages to read this morning. I suspected at least a handful of posts would be Pope-related, because that was the big news of the day yesterday and with one billionish people in the world being Catholic... well, it's a big issue, even if (according to the news reports I've heard) this Pope's opinions on a lot of the big issues don't differ greatly from JP2's. Which makes sense... the Papacy isn't a two-party system like in US politics, where you have two candidates from two different ends of the political spectrum. And since JP2 was by all reports a popular guy who attracted a lot of people and good PR to the Catholic church, and was pretty much a traditionalist (again, I'm just going by what I've heard via the news) it makes sense that they wouldn't elect a guy whose first order of business would be to preside over a gay marriage.

Anyway, imagine my surprise to see posts by alliesings, lightningbaron, reality_hammer and mylo1012 refering to such an outpouring of hatred for Benedict XVI by the left... and actually seeing an example of such on my flist... well, that made me rather sad.

I'm pretty confused, actually. This is the Catholic church. What did people expect?
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