February 22nd, 2005

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"Holy @&*$" "What?" "Errmm... I got an email..."

So I was cleaning my room - no jokes please - and came across some stuff from school I still haven't properly gone through. And in one of my folders were certain printed-out emails from 2001 and 2002 from certain individuals fondly known as JM and "DB". And a transcript of a conversation with the latter when the two of us happened to be in the SG1fans chat room.

*sigh* And I got the warm fuzzies all over again. Apparently this is the day for being nostalgic.

And I feel a little repentant, too.

I mean, sure, there have been times, and they've been more frequent as of late, when I haven't been totally impressed with the show. There are things I think they could have done better, things I wish they hadn't done at all. But you know, for all the things that were (what I see as) mistakes, these are genuinely nice guys. Especially back during the time of these emails, when the SDJers were in full swing, when TPTB felt harrassed and - it seemed - rather discouraged. They dealt with being called liars and show-ruiners and hacks with admirable aplomb and met fans IRL without knowing for certain if we were as full-out bonzo as the toesuckers (and hugged people they'd never before set eyes on). And I still don't know how B got my email address.

No one's perfect, and no show is perfect, but looking through these "artifacts" makes me think back to times that were more stressful, more stupid and petty and wasteful, yet also more interesting and exciting and meaingful and fun. And I'm sending some fan mail to Bridge, gosh darn it, because I feel the love.
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