February 5th, 2005

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Aw man... Evan Maloney was at the inaguration and I had no idea. Now that is one blogger I would simply love to meet.

He has a new video up at Brain Terminal: Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution:
President Bush's re-election left some Americans distraught and depressed. And with Inauguration Day set to rub salt in those still-healing wounds, I decided to act in the interest of national unity and extend an olive branch across the great Red/Blue divide. The election may not have gone the way the Inaugural protesters wanted, but at least I could make sure they didn't leave Washington empty-handed; thanks to the folks at HeroBuilders.com, I had some nice consolation prizes to give away. Would my overtures of peace be rebuffed? Can simple kindness stave off the revolution that some disgrunted Democrats predict?

Evan found all of the fun protestors Dad and I somehow missed. And he's so great... basically just asks questions and records what they have to say (Bush and Karl Rove are Nazis, Socialism and Communism are so interesting, the usual) and pretty much gives them just enough rope to hang themselves. It's hysterical.

If you're new to Brain Terminal, I highly recommend Evan's other videos, especially Pin the Tale on the Donkeys and When Protesters Attack. (Being an educator-in-training as well as a student, I also have a particular fondness for Brainwashing 101.)

Ah. It's guys like this that actually give me a teensy bit of hope for my generation.
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