January 14th, 2005

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So, thus far it seems like it's going to be an ok semester work load-wise. Surprisingly, only the one class has a fieldwork component, and that professer is letting me do mine here in Oakley. My Thursday class prof gives us one freebie absence and seemed fine when I told her why I was going to be gone next week. Everyone seems very nice and flexible and, interestingly enough, I'm probably one of the 'further along in coursework' people in both classes. It's kind of nice knowing what's going on rather than relying on everyone around you.

Work today 2-7 and tomorrow 1:45-5. Of course, I have to go in today and look at the new schedule (which came out yesterday) and hope that everything went ok and they gave me Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of next week off. Otherwise there's going to be a problem.

Okay, time to get a snack and do some reading.
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