December 1st, 2004

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Geeking and begging

Okay. Downloading Batman: TAS, season one.

Sure, it's going to take about a week at the rate I'm going. But at least I'll have something to watch during the inevitable JLU Hiatus, Part Deux.

Work tomorrow 8-430. The hours themselves aren't bad, but with the high school traffic I have to leave at least a half hour early (for a trip that usually takes about ten minutes). In fact, 30 minutes might not be enough. I'll just get up at 6 like usual, and instead of playing around as is my usual routine I'll just get my ducks in a row and leave. I can goof off in the break room just as well as I can here ;)

anr, I don't know what email you're using these days, but I need your snail mail addy as well as the server info for samandjack so I can start working on the *looks around furtively* you-know-what awards.

Speaking of... if the immensely talented gentleman who did our graphics last year would like to reprise that role, I would be ever so grateful. Cause let's face it -- my previous efforts sucked!
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