November 21st, 2004

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Washington Times: In role reversal, president rescues Secret Service agent

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You really can't blame the agent for being pissed off. If anything had happened to the President while he'd been stuck back there, it would not have looked good for him regardless of the situation. Besides, getting rescued by the guy you're protecting can't be a fun moment ;)
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Blogging for doughnuts

I'm done with my EL writeups! Yay!

... now just science and math are left. *wibbles*


- Europe -- Thy Name is Cowardice. From the blog of Davids Medienkritik. Commentary by Mathias Dopfner. "A few days ago Henryk M. Broder wrote in Welt am Sonntag, "Europe -- your family name is appeasement." It's a phrase you can't get out of your head because it's so terribly true."

- France denies Ivorian beheading claims. Paris, France, Nov. 21 (UPI). "France has denied claims by Ivory Coast's president and its top Roman Catholic cleric that French troops beheaded young protesters, the BBC reported."

Good thing no one accused them of putting underwear on the protestors' heads.

- Dave Barry: "Yes, it is a tragic but statistical fact that every Thanksgiving, undercooked turkeys claim the lives of an estimated 53 billion Americans (source: Dan Rather)."

- Boycott Target? FNC reports that "the discount retailing giant has decided this year not to allow the red kettles and volunteers to collect donations near its stores, despite the Salvation Army's 113-year history of doing so during the holiday season."

Time to go watch my freshly-downloaded episode of The Simpsons, and then off to bed!
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