November 17th, 2004

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Just watched SGA: The Defiant One. No spoilers, except that Collapse ) now please, guys, give us some focus on the other characters! I know the guys are fun to play with, but I beg of you!
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I wanted to say something else about the Margaret Hassan issue today, but my brain is blank and I really have no words. So, like I do so often, I'll just let one of my favorite bloggers do the talking:
"[Liberals] think that the actions of the men who did this are, in some way, rational, as retribution for sanctions or the war. This has NOTHING to do with sanctions. This has to do with some evil bastards who want to destroy everything that liberal western democratic society has to offer, and they are willing to execute anyone or commit any atrocity in order to achieve that goal. To the men who commit these acts there is absolutely no difference between a warmongering American and a pacifist Brit. In both cases we embody everything that they despise, and both will be treated with equal levels of contempt and hatred."
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I can already tell that today is going to be 'one of those days'. And it's only 1am.

(On the upside, my new haircut looks adorable.)
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Well this was a tough one

OKCupid Politics Test:

You are a Social Conservative (36% permissive) and an Economic Conservative (66% permissive)

You are best described as a: Republican

You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

It's funny if you look at the 'famous people' graph... I'm right between Ron and GW. Of course, this also describes Kerry as a centrist... haha.
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So I'm almost to the end of The Outlaws of Sherwood, which is kind of an adaptation/interpretation of the Robin Hood story. It's pretty good, a little preachy and probably not at all true to the 'real' story... but then again, it's gotta be closer than the Disney version. I draw the line at singing animals. ;)

I've reread this story... well, I think this will be my 3rd time since I got it about a year ago. It's easy reading, and there's naturally ship, and it's got a nice pretty cover and when I'm looking for something to read (since I'm too cheap to go out and buy Jacqueline Carey's latest) it's hard to not pick it up. But I don't like how it ends. And I swear, every time I read it I hold out this weird little hope that maybe, this time, the ending will be different.

So I want to know (and this will be especially interesting if Wendy chimes in ;))...

How should the story end?

Robin fights Guy and then gets shipped off to fight with the King in Palestine?

Robin marries Marian and the King laughs that he has an outlaw for an inlaw?

Robin puts on a Bryan Adams CD and practices his accent?

Come on, I'm curious. (And I so adore the 'curious' mood icon. Just lookit him! Hee!)
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