October 25th, 2004

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The Thursday-Sunday rush at work is always exhausting. And of course that's the time of the week I work the most.

Class from 3pm-7pm tomorrow. Fieldwork first from 12:40-2pm. Gotta leave about 11am so I can stop by the local elem. school and drop off a note for that teacher.

Man, I'm tired. And bored. To the point where not even TV is entertaining me anymore. Or the book I'm reading. Or surfing. I'm even too bored to go to sleep.

My parents should get home tomorrow afternoon, while I'm at school and Jamie's at work, which means we need to get the house presentable before we leave tomorrow, which pretty much means tonight. And I have no energy whatsoever.

Charmed was a repeat. Pffffhhhh.
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I'm just a lj spammer tonight.

I downloaded the pilot episode of Lost for a friend, and the files have video but no sound. The file names are lost.s01e01.hrhdtv-q and lost.201e02.hrhd-q and they are avis. Anyone have an idea what codec I might be missing?
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Is Walker: Texas Ranger not the silliest show ever?

And Alex! Miss I'm Just Here to Look Pretty and Get Kidnapped So My Big Strong Texas Ranger Boyfriend Can Rescue Me!