September 8th, 2004

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The fic...

Is now on page 12.

I'm happier with it than I was when I started writing tonight. I kept feeling like I wasn't getting deep enough -- that there wasn't enough emotion in part 2 after a rather emotionally-charged part 1. That is the case in Hereafter, but it's forgivable because in the episode it's just one character dealing with his survival against nature and the elements. For most of the episode, anyway. In the case of the fic, however, it's two characters, one who's not in a great place mentally or emotionally... and I felt like that wasn't coming through.

It's definitely coming through now. Maybe a little too much. Maybe I'm overcompensating. But that's why this is a first draft.

Anyway, I just looked up and saw it's almost 2am. I hate to stop when I'm on a roll like this, but being dead tired on a school day is not a good thing. Forget nodding off in class... that's small beans compared to nodding off in the car.

On a completely unrelated note, I splurged and bought Megan Slankard's CD. She's local, relatively new, and B93.1 has been playing her first single. And I saw her on What Not to Wear and she was very cute. Finances continue to be a problem -- Dainty should have direct-deposited my final paycheck into my checking account today, and -- shock -- as of 5pm Tuesday they hadn't. But it's coming eventually -- all $80-something of it, I think -- even if I have to beat it out of them with a shovel. Which I'm fully prepared to do.

Been sitting here too long. My shoulders hurt. And my kitty is waiting for me up on my bed.
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