August 22nd, 2004

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Some more JL fic reccs

- In Darkest Light by Meljean Brook. (R) I was up until 5am last night reading this (and talking to Petra). It's just that awesome. It's JLA rather than JLU, so there are some differences in the universe -- perhaps most noteably a different GL -- but no major differences between Bruce and Diana, who are just so perfectly in character that it amazes me. This story has action, mythology, angst and UST up the wazoo, and when I did finally go to bed I did so on a floaty cloud of happiness. This is the BM/WW story I've been looking for since I first swooned over them in The Brave and the Bold.

- In Between by E Kelly. (NC17) Another beautiful little story from Diana's perspective that just sizzles with chemistry even before the actual smuttage. Which, by the way, is just so well done that it blows me away. Nothing I could find to wrinkle my nose or roll my eyes at, and that's saying something!

- Escape Artistry by David Hines. (PG13). Such a clever story: wonderful humor, priceless one-liners, and very nice characterization. And bondage. I mean, hello, who can say no to that? Like In Darkest Light, this story has an actual plot, which is a fantabulous thing to have in a shipfic. And it's a wonderful shipfic. But this is an author I would follow even into the perilous lands of non-shipfic, just because he's so funny.
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