August 19th, 2004

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So I've decided to leave my job at the day care.

Why, you ask? Well, partly it's because those people piss me off in ways too numerous to count. But also because I'm sick. Again. Stomach flu this time, which isn't a surprise because one of the babies has been sick. When I called into work this morning, they got bitchy because we're only allowed to be sick 3 times in a year. And this is the third time this month (after a good old fashioned head cold and then an eye infection). And I refuse to be put on probation or something or in any way chastized by them for getting sick when I've been more ill in the month I've worked there than in the last year.

I've put away the vast majority of the money I've made this month, and in the meantime I can start out the new semester 1) hopefully healthy and 2) without the stress of dealing with these assholes. And maybe even looking for a job that puts my education to better use than changing diapers.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


GateWorld has up their interview with Courtenay Stevens that was done at during GateCon by David... and "camera assistant" Denise ;)
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