August 16th, 2004

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Hey everyone, lookit

The many fanfic awards of Sue Corkill!


Actually, this isn't a complete list. I need to look up what she got in the 2003 SJFAs and the awards back in 2000. You were writing back then, weren't you Sue?

Oh, and there are Daniel/Janet awards too... I'm sure she's in there somewhere ;)

So if anyone comes across any other Sue Corkill awards out there... let me know!
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Winfrey Picked to Serve on Chicago Jury

CHICAGO (AP) - Oprah Winfrey was picked to serve on a jury at Cook County Criminal Court. Winfrey walked into the courthouse Monday through an alternate entrance to avoid crowds. But officials said once inside the courtroom, she wouldn't receive any special treatment.

The talk-show host had told reporters she didn't think she'd be picked because she's too opinionated. But Winfrey added that if she were selected, ``I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than a week because I've got shows to do.''

After Winfrey was selected for a murder trial, Judge James B. Linn was asked how she was picked.

``This was a straight-up jury selection,'' he said.

Last week, Cook County sheriff's office spokeswoman Sally Daly said Winfrey was among some 300 prospective jurors scheduled to appear at court Monday.


"I'm just hoping it doesn't take longer than a week because I've got shows to do.''??

Well yeah, and God, it's only a MURDER TRIAL.

Get over yourself, you stupid [censored].
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